REVIT Architecture Seminar at GRD College Dehradun

Revit Architecture Seminar was conducted at GRD Institute of Management and Technology in Dehradun by APTRON for all the students seemingly having a keen interest in learning about the REVIT Architecture in order to have a promising career in the future. APTRON organised this intensive seminar for the entire day on Revit Architecture that briefly covered all the important topics of the subject that needed to be discussed. This seminar on Revit Architecture at the college was a blend of lectures by the professional experts, interactive sessions along with practical demonstrations of the latest Revit Architecture concepts.

Revit Architecture is a robust software created by Autodesk for the purpose of documentation and architectural design and is majorly used by the building professionals and architects. The tools and features that actually are responsible for making up the Revit Architecture have been particularly designed in order to assist the workflow of building information modeling (BIM). By making use of BIM as opposed to the CAD i.e. computer-aided drafting, Revit Architecture has the ability to leverage dynamic information within the intelligent models permitting the complex building structures to be designed and documented accurately within a short period of time. Autodesk Revit Architecture is utilized by the architects and other building professionals to reduce risk, get insight about how buildings would perform before the beginning of construction, improve project delivery and develop better quality designs.

The duration of this Revit Architecture Seminar was one complete day with 8 hours of highly informative session divided into theory, practical and interactive sessions with highly experienced industry professionals. After the completion of seminar each participant receives a certificate of participation from APTRON. APTRON as established technical training institute also provides Revit Architecture training in Noida, Revit Architecture training in Delhi and Revit Architecture training in Gurgaon. APTRON is one of the best Revit Architecture training institutes.

About GRD College Dehradun

Raised in the year 2008, with the introduction of Engineering and management programs, GRD Institute of Management and Technology is a flagship institute of GRD group of institutes and ever since its establishment it has emerged into a well recognized and one of the best institutes for technical education in the northern India. A Texla Group initiative GRD is an established name in the region and the public opinion about the institute gave it a perfect start and instant recognition. Subsequently it emerged into s league of higher education institutes and is known for its painstaking and focussed efforts by the staff, faculty and alumni that ensures holistic grooming of the professionals as well as students along with providing quality academics making the students as the responsible citizens of India.

Objectives of the Revit Architecture Seminar

We believe that the road to success is always constructed by you and following this notion the GRD Institute of Management and Technology in Dehradun hosted the one-day intensive Seminar on Revit Architecture to equip the learners with modern drawing skills using Revit Architecture.

The primary objective of APTRONís Revit Architecture seminar at the college is to impart the complete knowledge and information making them aware of the most in-demand skills of the industry by briefing them on several techniques of training as well as applications of Revit Architecture. This kind of live Revit Architecture sessions help in promoting a detailed understanding of the subject which in turn plays a significant role to prepare the students of Automobile, Mechanical, Structural, Civil Engineering and architecture to make a successful career in the field of designing.

Seminar Content for Revit Architecture

  • he purpose of Building Information Management (BIM) and the way it is applied in the Autodesk Revit software.
  • Navigation of the Autodesk Revit workspace as well as its interface.
  • How to work using the basic drawing as well as the editing tools?
  • How to create Grids and Levels as the datum elements for a specific model?
  • How to create a 3D building model with curtain walls, windows, walls and doors?
  • How to add ceilings, floors and roofs to the building model?
  • Creation of component-based as well as custom stairs.
  • Adding of the component features like as furniture and equipment.
  • Setting up of sheets to plot with text, details, dimensions, tags, and the schedules.
  • Creating the details

Benefits of Revit Architecture Seminar

Following are the other benefits of Revit Architecture Seminar that the students of Shivalik College availed:

  • Certificate of Participation from the institute to all the students who attended the Seminar.
  • Free Revit Architecture Expert interaction post completion of the Seminar


This Revit Architecture is best suited for all the students of Mechanica, Civil, Automobile, Structural Engineering and Architecture students. APTRON is a well known Revit Architecture training institute that offers the in-depth knowledge during Revit Architecture course at an affordable fee. The best part of the Revit Architecture training here is that it is entirely job-oriented and also provides the students with 100% placement support. So in case you are looking forward to become successful in the near future then get yourself enrolled with APTRON- the best Revit Architecture training institute.

This Revit Architecture Seminar at GRD Institute of Management and Technology in Dehradun was an immense success for the students and us as well. The seminar was quite informative as it discussed every topic related to Revit Architecture with huge number of participants in. We keep conducting such seminars and if you wish to be a part of those you may contact the organizers of the institute through email, on the toll-free number or by simply visiting the centre. The institute also provides summer training in Noida, summer training in Delhi and summer training in Gurgaon in various technologies.

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