Python Seminar at Bundelkhand University- Jhansi

Python Seminar was conducted at Bundelkhand University, Jhansi by APTRON. for all the students having a close interest to gain important insights about Python programming language in order to have better career prospects in future. APTRON organised this full-day intensive seminar on Python that briefly covered all the fundamental topics of the subject. This seminar on Python at the college is an integration of lectures by industry experts, interactive sessions and also the practical demonstrations of the concepts.

Python is a renowned high-level, object-oriented, interactive, interpreted and scripting language. Python is designed so as to be highly readable. It frequently makes use of the English keywords whereas the other programming languages make use of punctuation, and also it has only nominal syntactical constructions as compared to the other languages.

The duration of this Python Seminar was one day with 10 hours of rigorous session split into theory, hands-on practical as well as interactive sessions with industry experts. After the seminar gets complete a certificate of participation is issued to each student who attended the seminar. We as a prominent technical training institute also provide Python training in Noida, Python training in Delhi and Python training in Gurgaon. APTRON is one of the best Python training institutes.

About Bundelkhand University Jhansi

Bundelkhand University of higher education came into existence since August 26, 1975, with the consultation of U.P. Government’s Notification No. 10/15-60/74 under the provision of U.P. Universities Act. However, Bundelkhand University has gradually transformed into a University of excellence though it belonged to the younger generation of the various Indian Universities and it also offers opportunities to the aspiring youths for pursuing higher education, Professional training and applied research as per their potential and aptitude. The university aims to offer quality vocational as well as scientific education via basic as well as applied research in order to improve the quality as well as the value of the humans irrespective of their gender, nationality, caste and religion

Objectives of the Python Seminar

Solving real world problems

Our Python Seminar changes the way you see at problems! You can learn programming by solving various Real-world problems.

Learn by doing

Write the Code to understand, to implement, to learn and practice. In 75% of the duration of the Seminar, we would be writing the code altogether!

Personalized & Adaptive learning

Our Seminar has been designed to be adaptive as per one’s personal learning ability and speed. It's not about what an individual can learn instead it is about how much you wish to learn.

Seminar Content for Python

Basic Discussion on Subject

  • Whats Python and its scope in Present and Future
  • Why we need to go for Python

Internal Concept and Practical Implementation

  • Make use of the Python Interpreter as well as Compiler
  • Basic Operations and the Data Types
  • Go details in Tuple, List and Dictionary Usage
  • Code Block and the Indentation
  • Conditions and Iteration
  • Build Own function and make use of built-in definitions
  • Management and development of one’s own modules
  • Managing the Exception Handling
  • File Handling as well as the Operations
  • Network Program and the Socket Implementation

Overview Only:

  • Overview of Class and the Object Oriented Approach

Benefits of Python Seminar

The major benefit of APTRON’s Python seminar at the Bundelkhand University, Jhansi is to impart the students with ample amount of knowledge and get them equipped with the skills demanded by the industry by briefing them on the programming techniques and applications of Python. This kind of live Python sessions help in promotion of a comprehensive understanding about the Python Programming language which in turn is required to form new strategies in order to take better decisions for one’s career. Following are the other benefits of Python Seminar that the students of Shivalik College availed

  • Certificates for all the students who attended the Seminar
  • Free Python Expert interaction after the completion of the Seminar


This Python Seminar is best suited for all the students of B.Tech/B.E./BCA/BSc. APTRON is a well known Python training institute that offers the in-depth knowledge during Python course at an affordable fee. The best part of the Python training here is that it is entirely job-oriented followed by 100% placement assistance to all the students enrolled. So if you are looking forward to be successful in the near future then enroll yourself with APTRON- the best Python training institute.

This Python Seminar at Bundelkhand University, Jhansi was a great success for the students. The seminar was quite influential and it discussed the topics related to Python Programming language with huge number of participants. We keep conducting such seminars and to take part in such types of seminars you can contact the organizers at the institute through e-mail or on the toll-free number or even by visiting the centre. The institute also offers summer training in Noida, summer training in Delhi and summer training in Gurgaon in various technologies.

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