APTRON's PLC & SCADA Seminar at Aryabhatta Institute of Technology Delhi

PLC & SCADA  Seminar Aryabhatta Institute of Technology Delhi

PLC & SCADA Seminar at Aryabhatta Institute of Technology in Delhi

PLC & SCADA Seminar was conducted at Aryabhatta Institute of Technology in Delhi by APTRON. This PLC & SCADA Seminar was highly distinguished that gave advanced learning opportunities to the students as well as professionals. This full-day intensive PLC & SCADA Seminar covered the valuable insights about the essential topics associated to the Industrial automation. This seminar on PLC & SCADA comprised of the Expert lectures, interactive sessions for the students to resolve their queries as well as a practical demonstration of the concepts to ensure better learning.

The main objective of this seminar is to let the aspiring students get acquainted with both practical as well as the conceptual knowledge about the Industrial Automation as well as the latest technologies that are being used to achieve the industrial automation. The idea behind organizing this seminar is to equip the students with the basic fundamentals of automation and also provide them a platform on which they can work, in the near future. Programmable Logic Controller usually known as PLC is the major guiding force behind an Automated Industrial Plant. PLCs along with certain other important ingredients such as Sensors, Actuators, Motors, Valves, Boilers, Conveyors, SCADA Systems, Computers & much more, Makes A Real Automated Manufacturing Plant.

About Aryabhatta Institute of Technology Delhi

Aryabhatta Institute of Technology, Delhi is a constituent College of the University of Delhi and has been named behind the ancient Indian mathematician Aryabhatta. This institute is directly maintained by the University of Delhi. The college is situated at Benito Juarez Marg, Delhi, South Campus. It provides degrees under the University of Delhi and is known for offering courses at the undergraduate level in commerce, humanities and science. In addition to the academic excellence, the Aryabhatta Institute of Technology is a firm believer of the overall development of students in moral, physical as well as the intellectual realms. For this there are college societies to promote comradeship among the students. For this, every department has its own society that has been tasked with conducting department-specific co-curricular activities.

What is Industrial Automation?

Automation is primarily refers to the delegation of human control function applied to the technical equipment. It involves the use of control systems like computers, Microcontrollers, PLCs for controlling machinery as well as the processes for cutting down the needs for human sensory as well as the mental requirements. Industrial Automation is the primary need of almost each kind of manufacturing as well as production unit currently. Metal, Food/ Beverage, Mining, Textile, Power, Petrochemical, Automobile, Machine Manufacturing etc are the few examples where one can see the automation today.

Benefits of PLC & SCADA Seminar

The Seminar on PLC & SCADA conducted by APTRON has been structured well and infused with a large number of application based content for the learners for them to easily and quickly grasp the concepts. APTRON has been giving PLC & SCADA training to the engineers for years. We provide PLC & SCADA training in Noida, PLC & SCADA training in Delhi and PLC & SCADA training in Gurgaon. Post completion of the PLC & SCADA seminar the students are offered with:

  • Certificate of Participation in PLC & SCADA Seminar from APTRON
  • Free Expert interaction on PLC & SCADA after the completion of Seminar

Eligibility to Attend the Seminar

This seminar is best suited for all those interested in gaining knowledge about the basics of Industrial Automation. All Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics, Chemical as well as the Instrumentation & Control Engineering student are eligible to join this seminar.

Topics to be covered in this Seminar

Session I:

Presentation on latest Trends in Industrial Automation & PLC-SCADA

  • Introduction To Automation
  • Why We Need Automation
  • Where Automation?
  • Evolution of Industrial Automation (A Brief History)
  • Different Type Of Industrial Control Mechanisms)
  • Introduction To PLCs
  • PLC Advantages Over Microcontrollers
  • Area Of Applications
  • DATA Flow During Automation
  • Motor Drives Introduction & Their Need
  • Sensors Introduction & Their Need
  • HMI Introduction & Its Need
  • SCADA Introduction & Its Need

Session II:

Detail study of PLC & SCADA

  • PLC

Session III:

PLC I/Os Basics, Burning & Interfacing Concepts

  • Allen Bradley & Rockwell Automation’s Details
  • Brief Description To Input/ Output Pins Of Micrologix-1000
  • Ladder Diagram Basics
  • Introduction To RSLogix
  • Downloading A Ladder Program In PLC Using RSLinx.
  • How To Take Input From Panel
  • How To Give Output To Panel
  • Running First PLC Application.
    • Session IV:

      Hands on PLC Training Kit

      • Participants will get to perform hands on PLC training Kit.


      APTRON is a well established PLC & SCADA training institute that emphasizes on giving practical based training during PLC & SCADA course at a reasonable fee structure. Moreover, the process of training at APTRON is entirely job-oriented offering the students with 100% placement assistance in order to help them students acquire their dream jobs in few of the topmost MNCs. Looking forward to build a successful career in the field of Industrial Automation field ? Register with APTRON- the best PLC & SCADA training institute.

      This PLC & SCADA Seminar at Aryabhatta Institute of Technology in Delhi was a grand success for both us and the learners. This seminar on PLC & SCADA was highly informative as it focuses on all the important topics in association to the subject with huge number of participants attending the same. We keep on conducting such seminars regularly in several colleges across different states and cities. To join us at the seminars you may contact the organizers at the institute via email, on the toll-free number or by simply visiting the training centre. We as an institute also offer summer training in Noida, summer training in Delhi and summer training in Gurgaon in various technologies.

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