Data Science Seminar at Shaheed Rajguru College Delhi

Data Science Seminar was conducted at Shaheed Rajguru College, Delhi by APTRON. It was a one-day intensive seminar for the students and the executives on Data Science and its applications as well as the benefits in the industry. This seminar on Data Science was aimed at giving the participants an overview of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language processing via a blend of case studies, interactive exercises and the practical demonstration.

About Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women, Delhi

Affiliated to the University of Delhi and established in the year 1989, Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women is being funded by Govt. of NCT of Delhi. The College offers B.Sc. (Hons) in Electronics, Instrumentation, Food Technology, Computer Science, Biomedical Science, and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Microbiology, Bio-Chemistry, Statistics, Bachelor in Management Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration (FIA) and B.A. (Hons.) Psychology. These courses provide the platform where the students are equipped with essential and practical knowledge to face the challenging positions worldwide country.

Data Science Seminar at the College

This Data Science Seminar from APTRON was conducted for all those who are either interested or are experienced in data science methods as well as applications of machine learning in it. Through our Data Science seminar conducted in colleges throughout the country, we wish to create a community of data science researchers as well as practitioners in India that might share knowledge, experience and projects.

We usually conduct seminars on Data Science highlighting its importance and benefits in colleges across the country and Saheed Raguru College in Delhi was on the list this time. The Data Science Seminar here was a huge success as a large mass of the students attended the same with keen interest and enthusiasm. This Data Science Seminar was structured in two parts, one of which was the lecture focussing on in-depth learning on various topics with practical illustrations and the other part constituted of a speaker talking about the career scope and the real-time implications of the various Data Science applications.

Attending this Seminar doesn’t require you to have any prior programming experience instead, this seminar on Data Science Conducted by APTRON itself ensures that you get equipped with a basic understanding of the fundamental Data Science Concepts. Aiming to turn out to be purposeful for the students in building careers ahead and the organization leaders, business professionals and managers from all sectors our Data Science seminar covered all the basics of the Data Science and Big Data Analytics in Practice.

The Full-day Data Science Seminar conducted at Saheed Rajguru College, Delhi included discussion on:

Big Data

  • 5Vs of Big Data
  • Batch vs Stream processing
  • Using Cloud technologies
  • Practical Demo: Analysing big data in 10min for less than the cost of a sandwich

Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Why you should care and what is it?
  • How to be smarter and more productive than Excel using Python
  • Overview of the Machine Learning Pipeline: Train-test split, underfitting and overfitting Applications
  • Practical: Train your own machine learning model in 10min using off-the-shelf tools

Artificial Intelligence

  • Deep Learning in a nutshell: how does it work?
  • Case Studies: Self-driving cars and Energy consumption savings

Natural Language Processing

  • Sentiment Analysis for company monitoring and intelligence collection
  • The technology behind auto-summarising of news Case Studies: Analysing Trump’s tweets and summarising news Practical: Implementing a chatbot to automate customer interaction and support

The Future Evolution of Technology

  • Insights from Facebook, Google and Amazon
  • Impact of Data Science in the Finance Industry

Actionable Insights

  • How to find and work with data scientists
  • Get a technology edge


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This Data Science Seminar was a kind of gathering at the Shaheed Rajguru College, Delhi for the Data Science associated individuals for discussing the data science associated topics. To participate in such seminars further you reach out to the organizers at APTRON. via e-mail [email protected] on our toll free number 18002700201. We also provide summer training in Noida, summer training in Delhi and summer training in Gurgaon in various technologies.

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