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APTRON is a skilled source of Mainframe Developer training in Delhi. Its effective Mainframe Developer training program enables students to enroll for Mainframe Developer course in Delhi to create, develop and design powerful technological solutions, which result in accelerating productivity and scalability to the next level. Our, Mainframe Developer institute in Delhi delivers Mainframe Developer course based on real-time industrial projects that assist students to rethink and transform technology to the next powerful age through extensive hands-on experience during the Mainframe Developer training in Delhi. Imparting core Mainframe Developer training to the students enables them to embark on their Mainframe Developer journey by levitating technological mindfulness and streamlining operations during employment. The Mainframe Developer training institute has industry expert instructors who impart in-depth knowledge about the technology using the real-time industry-based methodology to the students.

Mainframe Developer training in delhi

Best Mainframe Developer Training in Delhi

APTRON Delhi delivers the best Mainframe Developer training in Delhi to the students. Our experienced industry professionals just not train the students; rather, they impart the skill formula of value creation and addition during the employment tenure. An idea needs fluffiness; therefore, the Mainframe Developer course in Delhi covers both the basic and advanced training that enables students to understand the idea of Mainframe Developer in the latest technological implementations. Such training composes our students as the most preferred candidate for potential employers. Our Mainframe Developer training course syllabus has the expertise and capabilities to deliver quantifiable Mainframe Developer solutions to our students. APTRON creates skilled industry leaders through its unique training methodology. We create Mainframe Developer experts who help improvise capabilities of businesses by defying the latest threats, and challenges coming up in the domain.

APTRON is a well-established Mainframe Developer training institute in Delhi, which has acquired its reputation by imparting skill-based Mainframe Developer training to its students. Our Mainframe Developer course is delivered in accordance with the industry standards by industry-experienced professionals. In addition, our industrial training assists students to manage and execute real-time projects efficiently and competently in a professional environment.

Our expert industrial instructors are the core strength of APTRON. They possess advanced knowledge of Mainframe Developer concepts and principles. Trainers discuss, design and develop Mainframe Developer training methodologies based-on real-world business scenarios that have the ability to meet the latest industry requirements satisfactorily. Moreover, the architectural expertise in Mainframe Developer and the effective and clear translation of complex technologies is the excellent talents of our Mainframe Developer trainers. Also, the apprehensive approach of Mainframe Developer trainers assists students in understanding the theoretical concepts, practical implications and the importance of Mainframe Developer technology in the upcoming IT industry. Students with technical queries can get in touch with our trainers at any time of the day. The Mainframe Developer queries of the students are addressed patiently and repeatedly.

Students keen to learn Mainframe Developer can opt for Mainframe Developer training classes in Delhi on weekdays or weekends depending upon their requirements. APTRON, Mainframe Developer training institute in Delhi offers a fast-track Mainframe Developer training course and one-to-one training in Delhi to all the students.

APTRON’s Mainframe Developer training in Delhi is conducted both during weekdays as well as at the weekends depending upon the choice of the students. Also the institute offers fast-track Mainframe Developer training as well as one-to-one training in Delhi to all the students. The major topics covered under Mainframe Developer training in Delhi at APTRON are: Introduction to Mainframe Developer, Introduction To JCL, Job Statement, Common Parameter In Both Job And Exec Statements, Dd Statement, Special Dd Statements, Instream And Cataloged Procedures, Generation Data Groups (Gdg), Control Job Processing (If Then Else) In JCL, Introduction To VSAM, Alternate Indexes, Introduction To Cobol, A First Cobol Program, Data Structures And Storage, File I/O, Cobol Techniques, VSAM In Cobol Program, Introduction To DB2, Rdbms, Interaction With Db2, Introduction To Cics, Cics Concepts, Cics Resource Definition, Mapsets, Maps, Map Fields.

Mainframe Developer Training Batches

Being well aware of the industry needs, APTRON Delhi offers the Mainframe Developer Training in Delhi with major focus being on the practical aspects of the training. Our team of highly proficient Mainframe Developer trainers offer Mainframe Developer training in classroom and also we provide Mainframe Developer corporate training services. The Mainframe Developer training course syllabus here has been framed in a way to meet the professional requirements of both the beginner as well as the advanced level.

APTRON Mainframe Developer Training in Delhi has been categorised into following batches and is conducted in multiple batche during morning as well as evening.

Track Fees Regular Weekend Fast Track
Course Duration 45-60 Days 8 Weekend 5 Days
Hours 2 Hours a day 3 Hours a day 6+ Hours a day
Training Mode Live Class Room Live Class Room Live Class Room

Key Features of Mainframe Developer Training at APTRON

Skill-based training Our instructors are industry specialized and certified academic entities. They bring in-depth and skill training that convenes the solutions to trending issues in the IT domain.

Limitless lab sessions APTRON has a credited and well-equipped IT establishment. It comprises smart classrooms and smart labs loaded with switches, data servers, servers, routers, Wi-Fi, live racks and other networking related devices.

100% placement assistance Our recruitment squad guarantees to fix maximum interview dates of Mainframe Developer applicants on a regular basis. The recruitment HR team carries out mock-interview sessions, shares often asked questions of interviews, opts for personality development sessions, Spoken English, and advances presentation skills of the students. All such classes help in structuring the confidence of the applicants as well as make his personality appealing for the interviews.

Reasonable fee APTRON accuse a reasonable fee and offers free of cost classes such as personality development, Spoken English, staging skills, performs interviews, and study materials. In addition, the timings are prepared flexible in accordance with students’ comfort.

Mainframe Developer Training Overview

IBM Mainframe Concepts

  • Architecture
  • Input/output Devices

JCL Course Syllabus



  • PRTY




  • PARM
  • ACCT
  • RD


  • COND
  • TIME


  • DSN
  • Temporary Datasets
  • DISP
  • UNIT
  • VOL
  • DCB


  • Concatenating Data sets
  • Passing data to COBOL program using – SYSIN DD *


  • Introduction
  • Instream Procedure
  • Cataloged procedure
  • Modify statements in a procedure
  • Symbolic parameters

Generation Data Groups (GDG)


Control Job Processing (IF THEN ELSE) in JCL

  • Introduction
  • Example JCL

Restarting and checkpoint in JCL

  • Introduction
  • Example JCL

VSAM Course Syllabus


  • Virtual Storage
  • Virtual Storage Access Method
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of VSAM
  • Logical Record
  • Physical Record
  • Control Interval
  • Control Interval Splits
  • Spanned Records


  • Key Sequential Data Set
  • Entry Sequential Data Set
  • Relative Record Data Set
  • Linear Data set


  • Using IDCAMS
  • JCL for IDCAMS
  • Basic IDCAMS commands
  • Define command


  • Alternate Indexes
  • Alternate index PATHS
  • AIX Organization
  • KEYS


  • Using VSAM with COBOL
  • START Statement

COBOL Course Syllabus

Introduction to COBOL

  • Introduction to COBOL

A First COBOL Program

  • Writing Structured COBOL
  • Conditional Statements
  • The GO TO Statement

Data Structures and Storage

  • Declaring Variables
  • Using Data Structures
  • Formatting Output
  • 77 and 88 Levels
  • Declaring and Using Arrays
  • Loan Schedule Report

File I/O

  • File/Record Descriptions
  • Physical/Logical File Descriptions
  • Reading Records from a File
  • Sequentially Writing Records
  • Indexed File I/O
  • Printing Reports

COBOL Techniques

  • Converting to Uppercase
  • Copy Files
  • Selecting Records
  • Sorting & Reporting Data
  • Control Breaks/Summary Totals
  • Handling Dates


  • Using VSAM with COBOL
  • START Statement

DB2 Course Syllabus

Introduction to DB2

  • What is database and its basic types
  • Database models
  • Hierarchical
  • Network


  • Object Oriented
  • Discuss about storage group and volumes table spaces
  • Index spaces
  • Basic Information About
  • Table
  • Row
  • Column
  • Queries
  • View
  • Trigger
  • Synonyms
  • Alias
  • Discuss Physical Storage of DB2
  • DB2 objects
  • Buffer pools
  • Features of Database design and its types
  • Discuss the advantages of DB2 over VSAM
  • Discuss the features of data integrity and referential integrity

Interaction with DB2

  • Interaction with DB2 using TSO with SPUFI tool and QMF tool
  • Introduction to SQL for interacting with DB2
  • Introduction to COBOL-DB2 application program
  • Using run JCL we can pass the queries
  • With execute immediate
  • Using prepare and execute technique
  • Using dynamic SQL for running the queries
  • Discussing the compilation of COBOL-DB2 program
  • Facility of Error handling in DB2
  • Using DSNTIAR procedure approach
  • Using SQL codes
  • Discussing commit and rollback features
  • Introduction to CURSOR concept
  • Handling Null values in DB2
  • Locks facility
  • Error Handling
  • Error Handling – Introduction


  • Rollback

DB2 Utilities

  • Data Consistency Utilities
  • CHECK Utility
  • REPAIR Utility
  • REPORT Utility
  • DIAGNOSE Utility
  • Backup and Recovery Utilities
  • COPY Utility
  • MERGECOPY Utility
  • QUIESCE Utility
  • RECOVER Utility
  • REBUILD Utility
  • Data Organization Utilities
  • LOAD Utility
  • REORG Utility
  • Catalog Manipulation Utilities
  • CATMAINT Utility
  • MODIFY Utility
  • RUNSTATS Utility
  • STOSPACE Utility


  • DB2 Commands
  • Dynamic SQL – Introduction
  • Dynamic SQL – Types
  • When to use Dynamic SQL
  • Execute Immediate SQL
  • Non-select dynamic SQL
  • Parameter marker
  • Fixed-list select
  • Varying-list select SQL

Stored Procedure

  • Stored Procedure – Development
  • Creating Stored Procedures

Managing Stored Procedures

  • Executing a Stored Procedures

CICS Course Syllabus


  • CICS
  • Batch Vs. Online
  • CICS Program Format
  • Task and Transaction
  • How to Initiate Transactions


  • Multitasking
  • Multi-Threading
  • Quasi-Re-entrancy
  • Conversational, Non-Conversational and pseudo conversational programming


  • PPT
  • PCT
  • FCT
  • TST
  • DCT
  • RCT


  • Physical & Symbolic Maps


  • File control
  • Types of VSAM Files


  • TSQ
  • TDQ


  • XCTL and LINK


  • Recovery and Restart
  • Facilities for CICS Recovery and Restart


  • Test and Debugging Commands

Functions of EDF


  • General structure of CICS program
  • CICS provided facilities for Programming
  • How to work with DB2 databases
  • How to design, code and test a modular CICS program
  • How to compile a CICS program
  • Pre-requisites for the execution of a CICS program
  • Execution

Top Reasons to Choose APTRON for Mainframe Developer Training in Delhi

  • Students get the well-defined Mainframe Developer training in Delhi, and after completion of the Mainframe Developer course, they are placed in recognized organizations.
  • Our certified trainers having 5 to 15 years of industrial experience facilitate students with a regular, weekend or customized Mainframe Developer training in Delhi in accordance with their career requirements.
  • Trainers mentor their students in major project training, minor project training, live project preparation, and interview preparation.
  • Our established Mainframe Developer training institute has smart classrooms and smart labs equipped with the latest servers, routers, switches, nodes, projectors, live racks, Wi-Fi connectivity, digital pads, and other networking devices.
  • Students are free to access the labs for an unlimited number of hours as per their own preferred timings. In addition, students can avail Extra Time Slots (E.T.S.) for practical, absolutely free.
  • APTRON provides free Study Material, Books, PDFs, Video Trainings, Video Lectures, Sample Questions, Exam Preparation, Interview Questions, HR screening questions, Lab Guides and Projects.
  • There is no extra fee charged from the students who need to retake any Mainframe Developer class or require One-on-One attention from the instructors.
  • During the Mainframe Developer training, we also facilitate students with free of cost personality development sessions. These sessions comprise of spoken English, group discussions, mock interviews, presentation skills.
  • Hostel facilities available at Rs.4,500/- per month for Mainframe Developer training in Delhi.
  • Our Mainframe Developer certification is globally recognized. We accept Cheque, Cash, Credit Card, Debit card, Net Banking payment modes.

Mainframe Developer Training in Delhi FAQ’s

What is the objective of APTRON Delhi Mainframe Developer Training in Delhi?

The objective of Mainframe Developer training in Delhi at APTRON is:

  • The Mainframe Developer course has been designed developed and structured adhering to and aligning to the current industry requirements.
  • Mainframe Developer training offers in-depth knowledge about the scripting elements that include all basic to advanced level Mainframe Developer features, variables and flow control.
  • Our Mainframe Developer course in Delhi initiates the learners with its standard library and its object-oriented features.

Why shall I opt for Mainframe Developer Training?

Mainframe Developer is accepted universally in all technological innovations and developments. It is easy to learn even by the new programmers, though it requires rigorous practice. 

Other compelling reasons to opt for Mainframe Developer training are:

  • Mainframe Developer is easy to learn, has been accepted across the software development sector universally, and it is considered as an effective and productive programming language in the current IT age.
  • Mainframe Developer is a widely used and common programming language suitable for the general-purpose task as well as for big projects. 
  • Mainframe Developer is an ideal language that can render large development teams and single domain users.

Who should opt for Mainframe Developer Training?

APTRON Delhi Mainframe Developer training is suitable for:

  • Individuals, who need to make a quick entry into the IT sector by learning a diverse and easy programming language.
  • Mainframe Developer professionals are paid a handsome salary and the career prospects are always rolled across all continents.
  • Mainframe Developer programming language equips flexibility and interactive features, hence, it is considered as the foundation programming language behind the success of Artificial intelligence.
  • Mainframe Developer Programming language is ideal for agile and iterative design.

How would Mainframe Developer Training help in shaping your career?

Mainframe Developer has occupied the place amongst the topmost programming languages available in the IT industry.

You not only attain a designation such as Software Programmer, Research Analyst, Programmer, Data Analyst, etc. but also you enjoy the high remuneration throughout your career.

Further, the amalgamation of Mainframe Developer with other technologies makes it dynamic in nature. Many big names like Netflix, Facebook, and even Google is using Mainframe Developer. Thus, you always have an opportunity to find a job in world-renowned organizations.

What are the prerequisites or eligibility to learn Mainframe Developer Training?

  • No eligibility criterions are required to learn Mainframe Developer, though, rigorous practice is always recommended to the Mainframe Developer training students.
  • Students with fundamental knowledge of programming or having a little exposure could be considered beneficial but not necessary.

What skills you will learn during Mainframe Developer training in Delhi?

Pursuing Mainframe Developer certification training necessarily upgrades your coding skills. Mainframe Developer is an object-oriented programming language, whose syntax is largely based on C and C++. Thus, students learn to develop robust, secure and portable applications capable of running on multiple platforms like Window, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

What is Mainframe Developer course duration and fees?

  • APTRON Delhi Mainframe Developer course duration in Delhi depends upon the students’ flexibility. We conduct classes throughout the weekdays, weekends, and offer crash courses as well. Thus, it entirely depends upon the grasping ability and the type of batch a student has selected.
  • Our Mainframe Developer course fee is not only affordable but reasonable too. Students from all walks of life can afford to enroll in a career that offers a better life and living.

What is the Mainframe Developer Trainer’s Profile at APTRON?

Our Mainframe Developer Trainers at APTRON Delhi:

  • Have more than 7 Years of expertise in Mainframe Developer Technologies
  • Have worked on several real-time Mainframe Developer based live projects
  • Have been working in the top MNCs
  • Trained 1000+ aspirants till date
  • Strong proficiency in both Practical and Theoretical Knowledge
  • Certified Professionals

What about the Mainframe Developer Placement Training?

Our Mainframe Developer placement training includes personality development, communication classes, training on Mainframe Developer interview questions and answers, and confidence-building sessions to boost students to face Mainframe Developer job interviews successfully.

  • More than 1000+ students professionally Trained
  • 100% Placement Record
  • Several Interviews conducted every month

What is the average salary for Mainframe Developer Professionals?

The average salary of Mainframe Developer professionals can vary according to the city, state/province, and country. However, the latest salary trends followed in the Mainframe Developer development sector begin from the package of 5 lacs per annum.

What are the roles offered by companies to Mainframe Developer professionals?

A student has to complete the Mainframe Developer certification before applying to a job. The roles available in the industry are Software Programmer, Research Analyst, Mainframe Developer Programmer, Data Analyst, Mainframe Developer Developer, etc.

Do I get job assistance at the end of this course?

Yes, of-course, we have a dedicated placement team that would assist you in getting placed at the end of the course.

  • We help you in building a proper resume.
  • We discuss top interview questions and answers in the related technology.
  • We share some valuable insights about the real world projects by making use of this specific technology.
  • We work tirelessly in order to bring a better career change.

What payment modes are accepted?

We accept all major payment modes i.e. Card (Master, Visa and Maestro etc), Cash, Net Banking, Paytm etc.

Mainframe Developer Training Course Reviews

Amar Singh

5 Jan 2018 Friday 

Fabulous! The trainer gives his best in explaining every detail about the course, covers each and every topic with examples and practical illustration. This made learning Mainframe Developer even more easy. The practical illustrations give a clear understanding of every concept. I am very glad having chosen this institute for the Mainframe Developer course. The staff here is very supportive and the trainer is simply the best. Also the institute has a well-equipped management. This subtle approach towards training lets an individual even the beginner master the concepts of the course. The fee is quite reasonable and the training is worth the money. Not only this but also the institute accounts for the student’s job by providing placement support as well. The best part is that the institute offers unparalleled teaching with lab experience at an unbeatable price. I am extremely happy with the kind of response I got here, the study material, the lab facilities, infrastructure etc. I would definitely recommend this institute for Mainframe Developer training.

Navpreet Singh

5 Jan 2018 Friday 

It was a great experience to learn Mainframe Developer from this institute. The course is beneficial for both the starters as well as those with intermediate level knowledge. The trainer has a firm grip over the concepts and substantial knowledge about the language. The training method used by the teacher is quite simple and easy to understand. The best thing is the course material provided that already has the lecture notes in it. The course starts right from the basic concepts to the highly advanced level. The institute sets up the best example of how training should be. Everything be it lectures, management, working, practical etc. are perfectly organized. Every concept is explained well via making the students work with live projects. Once, you enroll for the course, the institute actively looks after your needs. Overall the course is good and perfect for the beginners. I would recommend this institute to everyone who wants to learn programming language. Perhaps APTRON is the best place for Mainframe Developer training.

Shyam Dubey

5 Jan 2018 Friday 

I am thankful to APTRON, and I believe that it is one of the best educational institutions. I have undergone my Mainframe Developer training from here and I am doing great from the things learned from here after I received my certification for Mainframe Developer training. I am a working professional now and come across opportunities in many other companies. There is no institute like this that takes complete responsibility of the student’s learning. The training offered is completely practical based and the students are made to learn by giving them chance to work with the live projects. The Mainframe Developer Trainer here is knowledgeable and highly experienced. He simplifies the topics by showing examples, thus making it easier to understand. The trainer clears all our doubt by answering the queries. The periodic test conducted ensures a better learning. Thus the institute is best in terms of delivering performance as well as the skilled professionals. I love the place and I am extremely satisfied by the teaching given here. Recommended for sure!