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Best Data Science Training in Delhi

APTRON Solutions offers the best Data Science training in Delhi to the participants. In the present job market, more than 50% of the employers are searching for Data Scientists to aid their businesses grow. But, organizations are capable to hire just 1/4 of certified candidates, as the rest of the applicants are rejected due to lack of data skills. Imparting Data Science training is not a schedule process. It requires out-of-the-box thinking process and need everyday experiments to find new areas and facts in Data Science. Today, more than 90% of employers require data-savvy employees who have excellent Data Science skills. Our experienced industry instructors just not train the aspirants; rather, they impart the skill formula of value creation and addition during the employment tenure.

There are significant and authentic forums accessible in the internet, which have studied and reported that fresh job postings in the ground of Data Science are expected to arrive at more than 2.1 million by 2020. Thus, we make sure that our Data Science course in Delhi wraps skilled-based training that can facilitate students to recognize the idea of Data Science in the latest technological implementations. Such training empowers such participants as the most preferred aspirant for potential employers.

Our Data Science training course syllabus has the skill and capabilities to convey quantifiable Data Science solutions to our participants. Remember students, Data Science is not always about philanthropic answers, in the contrary, it is also about asking better questions. APTRON Solutions creates skilled industry leaders through its unique training methodology. We create Data Science experts who help get by capabilities of businesses by defying the latest threats, and challenges coming up in the domain.

APTRON is an established Data Science training institute in Delhi, which has obtaind its reputation by imparting skilled, based Data Science training to its participants. Our Data Science course is imparted as per industry standards by industry-experienced trainers. It is no surprise, however, the huge majority of learners fail to discover a Data Science institute in Delhi that can give access to in-depth learning programs or inform the industry-needy skills in the participantsthat companies need. In addition, data is now connected with truth and the job of data scientist is not to provide an answer or provide confidence to decisions, rather they are needed to explain questions more clearly or even assist others ask better questions aligned with the data, which is accessible. Our industrial training assists participants to manage and carry out real-time projects competently and capably in a professional environment.

Our expert industrial trainers are the core strength of APTRON Solutions. They have an advanced acquaintance of Data Science concepts and principles. Trainers have designed Data Science training methodologies based-on real-world business scenarios that have the aptitude to convene the latest industry conditions satisfactorily. What is more, the architectural know-how in Data Sciences and the effectual and clear translation of complex technologies in easy manner is the outstanding talents of our Data Science trainers. Participants with technical queries can get in touch with our instructors at any time of the day. The Data Science queries of the learners are addressed patiently and repeatedly.

Students keen to learn Data Science can opt for Data Science training classes in Delhi on weekdays or weekends depending upon their requirements. APTRON, Data Science training institute in Delhi offers a fast-track Data Science training course and one-to-one training in Delhi to all the students. The major topics covered under Data Science training in Delhi at APTRON are Basic Data Manipulation using R, roles played by a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Overview, Understanding K-Means Clustering, Understanding the Process flow of the Supervised Learning Technique, Subscripting, Mahout Introduction and Algorithm Implementation, implementing Association rule mining in R.

Data Science Training Batches

Being well aware of the industry needs, APTRON Delhi offers the Data Science Training in Delhi with major focus being on the practical aspects of the training. Our team of highly proficient Data Science trainers offer Data Science training in classroom and also we provide Data Science corporate training services. The Data Science training course syllabus here has been framed in a way to meet the professional requirements of both the beginner as well as the advanced level.

APTRON Data Science Training in Delhi has been categorised into following batches and is conducted in multiple batche during morning as well as evening.

Track Fees Regular Weekend Fast Track
Course Duration Course Fees 45-60 Days 8 Weekend 5 Days
Hours Course Fees 2 Hours a day 3 Hours a day 6+ Hours a day
Training Mode Course Fees Live Class Room Live Class Room Live Class Room

Key Features of Data Science Training at APTRON

Our Data Science training in Delhi is developed to get better the ability of learners in handling fast technological growth to hold up ongoing services and business needs. We have recruitment cell staffed with well-known human resource (HR) specialists, who stay connected with reputed enterprises based in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. These recruitment experts keeps a sharp eye on the placement related activities happening across the brands, hence, APTRON ensures 100% placement assistance to every applicant here. Furthermore, APTRON’s Data Science training course fees is very reasonable that equips flexible Data Science training course duration to the students so that timing never becomes a constraint in their learning period.

  • Availability of free Demo classes
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Affordable course fee structure
  • 30+ hours of Course Duration
  • Guidance for the certification exams
  • 100% Placement assistance

Data Science Training Overview

Introduction to Data Science

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Roles played by a Data Scientist
  • Analyzing Big Data using Hadoop and R
  • Methodologies used for analysis
  • The Architecture and Methodologies used to solve the Big Data problems

Basic Data Manipulation using R

  • Understanding vectors in R
  • Reading Data, Combining Data
  • Subsetting data
  • Sorting data and some basic data generation functions

Machine Learning Techniques Using R Part-1

  • Machine Learning Overview
  • ML Common Use Cases
  • Understanding Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Techniques, Clustering
  • Similarity Metrics
  • Distance Measure Types: Euclidean, Cosine Measures, Creating predictive models

Machine Learning Techniques Using R Part-2

  • Understanding K-Means Clustering
  • Understanding TF-IDF and Cosine Similarity and their application to Vector Space Model
  • Implementing Association rule mining in R

Machine Learning Techniques Using R Part-3

  • Understanding Process flow of Supervised Learning Techniques
  • Decision Tree Classifier
  • How to build Decision trees
  • Random Forest Classifier
  • What is Random Forests
  • Features of Random Forest
  • Out of Box Error Estimate and Variable Importance
  • Naive Bayes Classifier

Introduction to Hadoop Architecture

  • Understanding K-Means Clustering
  • Understanding TF-IDF and Cosine Similarity and their application to Vector Space Model
  • Implementing Association rule mining in R

Integrating R with Hadoop

  • Integrating R with Hadoop using RHadoop and RMR package
  • Exploring RHIPE (R Hadoop Integrated Programming Environment)
  • Writing MapReduce Jobs in R and executing them on Hadoop

Mahout Introduction and Algorithm Implementation

  • Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms on larger Data Sets with Apache Mahout

Additional Mahout Algorithms and Parallel Processing using R

  • Implementation of different Mahout algorithms
  • Random Forest Classifier with parallel processing Library in R

Top Reasons to Choose APTRON for Data Science Training in Delhi

    • Aspirants receive a methodological Data Science training in a well-established IT infrastructure. Skill based training; in-depth training and preparation for certification and job placement after successful completion of Data Science course are the attractions of APTRON training.
    • Data Science is a new entry to IT. It has spent just few years in the industry. Therefore, our trainers have just 5 to 8 years of experience in the training field. However, the total experience of our trainers is count to 15 years. Our certified trainers are providing regular, weekend and customized Data Science training to the students.
    • Trainers mentor their students in major project training, minor project training, live project preparation, and interview preparation.
    • Our recognized Data Science training institute has smart classrooms and smart labs loaded with the latest servers, routers, switches, nodes, projectors, live racks, Wi-Fi connectivity, digital pads, and other networking devices.
    • Participants are free to access the labs for limitless hours as per their own preferred timings. In addition, aspirants can opt for Extra Time Slots (E.T.S.) for practical, absolutely free.
    • APTRON Solutions offers free Study Material, Books, PDFs, Video Trainings, Video Lectures, Sample Questions, Exam Preparation, Interview Questions, HR screening questions, Lab Guides and Projects.
    • There is no extra fee charged from the students who requires retaking any Data Science class or needing One-on-One attention from the instructors.
    • During the Data Science training, we also facilitate students with free of cost personality development sessions. These sessions comprise of spoken English, group discussions, mock interviews, presentation skills.
    • Hostel facilities available at Rs.4,500/- per month for Data Science training in Delhi.
    • Our Data Science certification is globally recognized. We accept Cheque, Cash, Credit Card, Debit card, Net Banking payment modes.

Data Science Training in Delhi FAQ’s

What is the objective of APTRON’s Data Science Training?

The objective of Data Science training in Delhi at APTRON is:

  •  The Data Science course has been designed and structured by adhering to and aligning to the current industry requirements.
  • Our Data Science course in Delhi initiates the learners with data mining and understanding related to structured and unstructured data.
Why shall I opt for Data Science Training?

Companies like Google and Salesforce are spending billions on Data Science technology. They need people who can do data discovery, data analysis, and data mining so that the companies can take much precise data-driven decisions. Salaries of Data Scientists are increasing at sky rocketing speed.

Data Scientists are accepted universally in all technological innovations and developments.

  • Data Science is easy to learn, has been accepted across the software development sector universally, and it is considered as an effective and productive programming language in the current IT age.
  • Data Science is an ideal solution that can render large development teams and single domain users.
Who should opt for Data Science Training?

APTRON’s Data Science training is suitable for:

  • Individuals, who need to make a quick entry into the IT sector by learning a diverse and easy programming language.
  • Data Science professionals are paid a high salary and the career prospects are always rolled across all continents.
  • Data Science equips flexibility and interactive features, hence, it is considered as the foundation behind all data-driven decision taken by the big organizations. Data Science is ideal for agile and iterative design.
How would Data Science Training help in shaping your career?

Data Science has occupied the place amongst the topmost IT and non-IT companies.

You not only attain a designation such as Research Analyst, Data Science Programmer, Data Analyst, etc. but also you enjoy the high remuneration during your career.

Further, the amalgamation of Data Science with other technologies makes it dynamic in nature. Many big names like Netflix, Facebook, and even Google is using Data Science. Thus, you always have an opportunity to find a job in world-renowned organizations.

What are the prerequisites or eligibility to learn Data Science Training?

No eligibility criteria are required to learn Data Science, though, rigorous practice is always recommended to the Data Science training students.

Students with fundamental knowledge of data and storage or having a little exposure could be considered beneficial but not necessary.

What skills you will learn during Data Science training in Delhi?

Data science is a multi-disciplinary industry that utilizes scientific methodologies, algorithms, processes, and systems to dig out knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. Data science is the identical concept as data mining and big data. Data Science requires powerful hardware, flawlessly robust programming systems, and efficient algorithms to solve problems. There are several techniques and theories involved in Data Sciences such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information science. APTRON Solutions equip every aspirant with industry requiring skills, which results in getting a quick placement in an organization at Data Scienetist designation.

What is Data Science course duration and fees?
  • APTRON’s Data Science course duration in Delhi depends upon the students’ flexibility. We conduct classes throughout the weekdays, weekends, and offer crash courses as well. Thus, it entirely depends upon the grasping ability and the type of batch a student has selected.
  •  Our Data Science course fee is not only affordable but reasonable too. Students coming from all walks of life can afford to enroll in a career that offers a better life and living.
What is the Data Science Trainer’s Profile at APTRON?

Our Data Science Trainers at APTRON:

  • Have more than 8 to 15 Years of expertise in Data Science Technologies
  • Have worked on several real-time Data Science based live projects
  • Have been working in the top MNCs
  • Trained 1000+ aspirants till date
  • Strong proficiency in both Practical and Theoretical Knowledge
  • Certified Professionals
What about the Data Science Placement Training?

Our Data Science placement training includes personality development, communication classes, training on Data Science interview questions and answers, and confidence-building sessions to boost students to face Data Science job interviews successfully.

  • More than 1000+ students professionally Trained
  • 100% Placement Record
  • Several Interviews conducted every month
What is the average salary for Data Science Professionals?

The average salary of Data Science professionals can vary according to the city, state/province, and country. However, the latest salary trends followed in the Data Science development sector begin from the package of 5 lacs per annum.

What are the roles offered by companies to Data Science professionals?

A student has to complete the Data Science certification before applying to a job. The roles available in the industry are Database administrator, Data Science engineer, data programmer, research analyst (database), Database architect, Developer, Administrator, Data scientist, Data Science programmer, Data analyst, etc.

Do I get job assistance at the end of this course?

Yes, of-course! Our SP placement team would assist you in getting placed at the end of the course.

  • We help you in building a proper resume.
  • We discuss top interview questions and answers in the related technology.
  • We share some valuable insights about the real world projects by making use of this specific technology.
  • We work tirelessly in order to bring a better career change.
What payment modes are accepted?

We accept all major payment modes i.e. Card (Master, Visa and Maestro etc), Cash, Net Banking, Paytm etc.

Data Science Training Course Reviews

Best Data Science Institute in Delhi

Reviewed by : Hariesh

12 June 2018


four star

Data Science requires critical training. If applicants fail to get trained by industry experience and certified professional, then you may flunk in the certification examination. I registered to APTRON Solutions for Data Science training in Delhi. My biggest need at the time of joining to Data Science course in Delhi was the 100% placement assurance. I thanks to APTRON Solutions for providing me an opportunity to work in a big organization after completion of Data Science training in Delhi.

Data Science Training in Delhi

Reviewed by : Riya Sarkar

24 June 2018


four star

The Data Science institute in Delhi offers 100% placement assurance to its students. I am lucky to have registered to Data Science course in Delhi. After finishing of my course, the placement cell in APTRON fixed my interviews in reputed organizations, and the training supported by the skilled instructors and by God grace, I am placed at Data Scientist position. Some of my friends who completed the Data Science course had already communicated to me that APTRON provides skilled-based Data Science training to the students. So, I always wanted to get placed in a good company after completition of course. Thanks.

Data Science Course in Delhi

Reviewed by : Ankita kumari

29 June 2018


fourandhalf star

My parents wished me to be a Data Scientist. They had brought me to APTRON Solutions and registered me to Data Sciences course in Delhi. The Data Science instructors are not only skilled in the subject, rather, they know how to create the complex technology shorten and clarify it to the aspirants in easy way so that they remember it and practice. What about the job placement in APTRON? During my training, the placement team began personality development sessions that integrated spoken English, interview preparation, and presentation skills. In addition, they aligned my interviews in a best organization where I was shortlisted. Thanks APTRON.

Data Science Institute in Delhi

Reviewed by : Rohan Paunikar

02 Jully 2018


fourandhalf star

Data Science training in Delhi is a brainstorming procedure, which incorporate several mathematical concepts, theories, and principles to learn and practice. I thank to APTRON Solution for holding me a best Data Science industrial training that assisted me to get the improved place in my department at the office. The hands-on skill and the instructor’s management assisted me to study the technology in short period of time. APTRON has a developed the course to move toward while coaching the Data Science training to the learners. The mentors have thorough information about the Data Science insights and its requirements.

Data Science Training Institute in Delhi

Reviewed by : Vikash Anand

17 Jully 2018


four star

Data Scientists job to dig, analyze, calculate, understand statistics, and process structured and unstructured data to find answers and find out new questions to offer data driven decision solutions to the enterprise. It is a brain boggling job, which necessitates thorough, in-depth and proper data science training. If you have enrolled to APTRON Solutions, then you will absolutely achieve your career goals in Data Sciences. Thanks to Data Sciences trainers who have vast skills and knowledge to impart us for our betterment. I recommend APTRON. Thanks.

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